Food safety is the topmost priority in the food processing industry. Proper food safety practices will help protect against foodborne illnesses, improve sustainability, and reduce waste. Even while using food processing machinery, you must ensure that your equipment meets quality control standards and is free of contaminants.
How to ensure food safety in your facility

⦁ Food processing machinery

It’s best to go for food processing equipment with advanced, easy-to-clean designs. Otherwise, it may be difficult for your staff to remove food material and contaminants from machines, especially within their nooks and crannies. Your machinery must also be made of food-safe materials and have hygienic compatibility with other systems.

Moreover, consider the layout and design of your production line. Experts recommend planning a layout that is accessible and easy to maneuver to prevent the contamination of ingredients.

Pest control and waste management

Flies, cockroaches, and other insects can contaminate food and spread foodborne disease throughout your entire production line. As a result, you must conduct regular pest control monitoring and detection to prevent insects and rodents from entering your facility.

Proper waste management will also prevent pests from being attracted to the food in your facility. It’s best to store waste in the appropriate containers and remove it from your premises as soon as possible.

Personal hygiene

It’s easy for bacteria to spread in a facility due to biological and physical contamination. Unfortunately, many bacteria found in food can cause serious health risks, such as salmonellosis, shigellosis, and E. coli infections.
To ensure that your staff members practice proper hygiene, you must provide clean, accessible facilities for handwashing and emphasize the use of personal protective clothing.

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