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Vegetable Processing Machinery
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GEM manufactures and supplies top-of-the-line fruit & vegetable processing equipment fabricated from high-quality 10/10 SWG stainless steel. Our processing machines are specifically designed for gentle handling of fruits and vegetables during the different stages of washing to the final packaging. Our comprehensive range of fruit & vegetable processing equipment is well-known for their sturdy construction, dimensional accuracy and corrosion resistance. Compliant with the highest international standards, our line of processing machinery guarantees optimal performance.

Our fruit & vegetable processing equipment range includes the following:

# Bucket Elevator

Our bucket elevators are manufactured to effectively elevate and discharge various types of vegetables and fruits from the end of one process machinery to the beginning of the next. Our robust fruit and vegetable processing equipment has stainless steel elevators have a capacity of carrying up to 5,000 kg/hour.

# Fruit Juice Processing Plant

Being a reputed fruit & vegetable processing equipment manufacturer Our high-end fruit juice processing plants are capable of meeting the processing needs of fruits like, mango, apple, papaya, pineapple, grapes, lemons and so on. The equipment has a low operating cost and can be handled without any hassle.

# Crate Washer

We, at GEM, manufacture and export cutting-edge crate washers with a capacity of washing 500 or 1000 crates an hour. The equipment features spray heads with spray nozzles that spray and distribute water all around. You can make juice processing easier by sourcing top-notch products from GEM, a trusted fruit & vegetable processing equipment manufacturer.

Our fruit and vegetable processing equipment sets a benchmark in industrial applications. Contact to request price quotes.