Potato Processing Plant
Potato Processing Plant
Potato Processing Plant
Potato Processing Plant

Potato processing plant

GEM is a globally recognised manufacturer of leading-edge potato processing plant machinery. Our potato processing machines come with a potato slicer, peeling machine, potato washing, potato drying machine, potato chips fryer, and potato wafers processing line. Our robust potato product machines are designed to offer benchmark performance and constant reliability. Build to comply with international standards, our processing plants have gained significant popularity among Indian and international clients.

Our potato processing equipment can prepare potatoes for several edible applications, by cutting, peeling, shaping, and performing other specific actions. We can guarantee premium quality potato derivative products from our machines. Our potato processing plant machinery can become indispensable within your food processing workflow.

We provide a range of cutting-edge potato processing plant machinery including –

Potato drying machine
  • * Excess water drained out from washed potatoes
  • * Utilised to prepare potatoes for frying
  • * Centrifugal drying system
Potato slicer
  • * Slices potatoes to desired lengths and thickness
  • * Slicing settings can be modified
  • * Good build quality and long service life
Potato chips fryer
  • * Fries up to 200 kg/hr capacity
  • * Automatic, manual and semi-automatic
  • * Efficient frying operations
Potato wafers processing line
  • * Ideal for preparing potato for chips, snacks, and culinary applications
  • * Automatic operation
  • * Capacity can go up to 1000 kg/hr

If you have embarked on a search for efficient potato processing plant machinery, we can help you out. Get in touch with us for receiving reasonable quotes.