ginger processing machinery
ginger processing machinery
ginger processing plant machinery
ginger processing machinery
ginger processing machinery
ginger processing plant machinery

Highly Functional Ginger Processing Plant

Are you looking forward to buying a high-quality ginger processing machine? If you feel so, GEM Foodtech will be your ultimate destination. Over the years, we have cemented our place as a leading manufacturer of these processing plants. We implement advanced technologies while manufacturing ginger processing machines.

Have a Look at Our Comprehensive Range of Products

At GEM Foodtech, we aim to create efficient ginger processing accessories that can address your industrial requirements. With our machinery in place, you can be assured of the desired outcomes under all circumstances. Below are some of our products:

  • Bubble washer for ginger
  • Ginger washing and peeling machine
  • Ginger slicer
  • Ginger pulverizer
  • Belt type blancher for ginger
  • Belt type cooler
  • Ginger belt dryer
  • Ginger oil extraction unit

Efficient Operation Guaranteed

Our high-end ginger processing accessories ensure an efficient process. At GEM Foodtech, we create ginger processing machines that can handle a huge workload without compromising on quality standards. Our ginger processing machines can function for long hours without a break.

Why Choose Us?

There are several companies manufacturing ginger processing plants, but none of them match our standards. Our unparalleled dedication and sheer expertise in what we do have helped us gain the trust of clients. Below are some of the reasons to choose our products:

  1. Several years in the business
  2. Heightened skillset of the professionals
  3. Products with enhanced functionality
  4. Strong industrial reputation
  5. Competitive prices
  6. Excellent customer service

Are you eager to learn more about our machinery? Get in touch with us today!

Bubble Washer for Ginger

  • The Ginger is subjected to strong agitation and a water sprayer.
  • The Ginger washer is also fitted with a filtration tank to continuously filter and remove dirt.
  • The outfeed conveyor is used to extract the washed Ginger after washing.
  • Machine also fitted with fresh water sprayer for cleaning.
  • The capacity for the washer is 500-5000 kg/hr.

ginger processing plant machinery

Ginger Washing and Peeling Machine

  • It is used for cleaning and peeling Ginger roots
  • It removes dirt and an outer skin of root
  • The machine is made of 304 food-grade stainless steel, which is beautiful, durable, and hygienic.
  • The machine uses sets of a nylon brush, good peeling effect, the brush is wear-resisting and durable, long service life.
  • The machine is equipped with a high-pressure spray device, which can clean ginger while peeling.
ginger processing plant machinery

Ginger Slicer

  • The MoC of the machine is
  • The function of the machine is to make slices of ginger
  • The thickness of slices varies between 1 mm to 8
  • The capacity of the machine is 500 kg/hr to 1500 kg/hr.
ginger processing machinery

Ginger Pulverizer

  • The type of pulverizer is a hammer type
  • It is used to make Ginger paste and Ginger
  • All parts contacting with material except motor and parts are made of high quality 304 or 316L stainless steel.
  • It has good corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance, and easy
  • The minimum particle size can reach 0.8mm, and the particle size of the finished product can be controlled by changing the mesh.
  • Compact structure, stable operation, low noise, and easy
  • The capacity of the machine ranging from 500kg/hr. to 1000 kg/hr.
ginger processing machinery

Belt type Blancher for Ginger

  • The belt-type blancher is used to blanch the ginger slice / granules.
  • The continuous blancher for a high production
  • The capacity of a blancher is 500 kg/hr. to 3000 kg/hr.
  • The MOC of the machine is SS304
ginger processing machinery

Belt Type Cooler

  • The belt-type Cooler is used to Cool and soaking the ginger slice / granules.
  • The continuous Cooler for a high production
  • The capacity of the Cooler is 500 kg/hr. to 3000 kg/hr.
  • The MOC of the machine is
ginger processing plant machinery

Ginger Belt Dryer

  • Modular construction for easy assembly and
  • Stainless Steel grid plates with Stainless Steel Trays and Chains ensure hygienic standards across all food processing
  • High efficiency Axial Flow Fans for exhausting humid
  • Capable of drying small as well as larger particles
  • Automation through PLC possible
  • UNIFORM FEEDING AND DISCHARGE with the help of Feed Conveyors and Spreaders.

Optional Features

  • Feed Conveyor
  • Heaters, Boilers and Radiators
  • Variable Frequency Drive
  • Cyclones
  • Automation
  • Three Circuits
ginger processing plant machinery

Ginger Oil Extraction Unit

This essential oil distillation equipment is popular, famous, advanced and with top quality in the production of medicines, health products, biological drugs, cosmetics, and food.

This essential oil Distill equipment uses technology and chemical separation, can extract plant components efficiently by steam distillation, have a good effect in collecting essential oil from plants