Mango Processing machinery
Mango Processing machinery

Invest in A Highly Functional Mango Pulps Processing Line

Mango pulp is a much sought-after item among food processing units across the world. It is the raw material to create a wide range of food products. To make the pulp extraction process easier, you can use a mango pulp processing line. Buy it from a reliable source like GEM Foodtech.

Processing Plants Coming with the Complete Set-up:

At GEM Foodtech, you can find a highly functional, efficient mango pulp processing unit that can match your requirements. From extracting the juice from the fruit to scooping out the pulp, our machinery can perform it all without any hassle. The whole plant consists of a number of components, which include:

  • Washing and sorting machines
  • Mango cutting machines
  • Mango peelers and pitting machine
  • Mango juice pasteurizers and sterilizers

Efficient Operation Guaranteed:

Our mango pulp processing line can guarantee you an efficient extraction process. It consists of a complete procedure that begins with washing the fresh fruits. These are highly automated, efficient machineries that can work effortlessly for long hours. You can tell us about customising the input capacity of the plant while ordering one.

Mango Pulps Processing Machinery

GEM Foodtech specialises in manufacturing and exporting highly advanced mango pulps processing machines. Our machines are designed to meet the production requirements of mango pulp, concentrated puree, and juice. We can also customise our range of processing plants to suit individualised production needs.

Reasons to Choose Us:

As a leading source for manufacturing mango pulps processing, we guarantee to deliver you nothing but the best. You can count on our professionalism, functional features and industrial reputation. Our plants can work effectively in order to serve the purpose of food processing for individual industries.

If you wish to learn more about our machinery, contact our team today!

GEM’s mango pulps processing plants consist of the sections given below:

# Reception

At the reception section, our mango pulps processing plants receive fresh mangoes and pass them on to the section of fruit washing and grading. In the washing section, the mangoes will be thoroughly washed to remove foreign matter and outer dirt from the skin. Washed mangoes would then be fed to the inspection/sorting conveyor where damaged or unwanted mangoes will be manually separated. The main aim of our machines is to escalate the efficiency of mango pulp processing.

Key equipment: Mango washer, infeed conveyor, and sorting table.

# Processing and juice extraction

Used for extracting juice from washed and graded fresh mangoes, our juice extraction, and processing system separates the seed, outer skin, and fibre of fruits. To avoid degradation of quality, our equipment passes the extraction juice to the heat treatment. The juice is further fine pulped in the pulper/finisher before being processed in the pul pasteuriser. Equipped with a pulp storage tank, the final pulp is transferred to the tank from where it can be easily collected. This is how our first-rate mango pulp processing machines work.

Key equipment: Mango de-stoner, pulper/finisher, pup preheater, and pulp storage tank

Our sophisticated mango pulps processing plants ensure mango pulp packing in a hassle-free and seamless manner. Contact us for more information.