Food Processing Machinery

GEM Foodtech is a Kolkata-based food processing equipment manufacturer and worldwide exporter of industrial food processing equipment. Our extensive range of solutions addresses the food products preparation, processing, and packaging requirements of numerous leading food industry business organisations globally. We are specialise in creating advanced machines while adhering to internationally recognised quality standards. Consult with our professionals and let us address your requirements.

Modern people have become extremely health conscious and it is a good sign for society. Keeping this trend in mind, we have designed food processing machinery & dehydration machinery that can retain the food quality and make the process faster.

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Featured Products

Being a renowned food processing machinery exporter, we specialise in a diverse array of specially designed, purpose-specific, and multipurpose machines for our customers. We take pride in our versatile and experienced food processing equipment manufacturer team that is always dedicated to working on bringing more efficacious and beneficial products.

Take a look at some of our most in-demand food processing machinery.
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Invest in A Highly Functional Mango Pulps Processing Line

Mango pulp is a much sought-after item among food processing units across the world. It is the raw m...

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GEM provides you with an advanced solution for washing fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. We have...

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High-Quality Tomato Processing Plant

GEM Foodtech is a leading producer and exporter of tomato processing plants. We implement the latest...

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Potato processing plant

GEM is a globally recognised manufacturer of leading-edge potato processing plant machinery. Our pot...

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High-Quality Pineapple Processing Plant Machinery

GEM Foodtech offers a state-of-the-art and best-quality pineapple processing plant, which is widely ...

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Highly Functional Ginger Processing Plant

Are you looking forward to buying a high-quality ginger processing machine? If you feel so, GEM Food...

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Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machinery

GEM specialises in the production and export of a vast range of industry-grade fruit and vegetable p...

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Jam And Squash Equipment

GEM caters to the requirements of various food processing businesses with a versatile range of jam a...

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VEGETABLE Blancher Cooler

At GEM, we are well-recognised manufacturers and exporters of blancher-cooler systems capable of ben...

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GEM is globally renowned for the design, production, and exporting of advanced beverage and fruit ju...

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