Ginger has a unique flavour and offers several health benefits. It has become a staple in kitchens. This item undergoes several steps in a ginger processing plant. But most of us aren’t aware of these phases that transform raw ginger into our preferred spice.

What are the Steps in Ginger Processing?

Ginger Processing Machine

The steps in ginger refinement are listed below:

  • Harvesting and selection: The ginger treatment journey starts in the fields. The farmers harvest the roots, and they evaluate the roots for quality. The finest ginger makes its entry into the processing facility. It ensures that the consumer receives a product of good quality.
  • Cleaning and washing: When the roots arrive at the facility, the professionals remove debris, soil, or outer cling from these roots. Generally, the experts use rotating brushes and high-pressure water jets to perform the task. It guarantees that the ginger is pristine and ready for further steps.
  • Peeling: The ginger goes through a peeling process after cleaning. This step separates the outer layer while exposing the aromatic flesh. Professionals apply various methods, such as mechanical peeling or steam peeling, to remove the skin and minimise waste.
  • Slicing: The ginger takes different forms as per the end product requirements. This phase is necessary for determining the appearance and final texture of the processed ginger.
  • Blanching: The main purpose of blanching is to preserve the ginger’s natural flavour, colour, and nutritional value. This step involves immersing the ginger in hot water, accompanied by rapid cooling. Blanching deactivates enzymes that lead to loss of flavour and discolouration.
  • Drying: It is the most critical step in ginger processing. Drying obstructs the growth of microorganisms and removes moisture. The professionals can air dry the ginger or use certain accessories to accomplish the process. It results in a concentrated form of ginger perfect for distribution and packaging.
  • Packaging and quality control: The final processed ginger undergoes rigorous quality control measures. It guarantees consistency and adherence to industry standards. The professionals pack the ginger in various forms after the quality test.

Ranging from the fields to high-end treatment facilities, it’s important to appreciate the intricate journey of ginger. Every step in ginger processing contributes to the creation of a culinary masterpiece.

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