When you have a mango processing plant, you have to undertake quality control measures. By embracing adequate quality control measures, you ensure the mangoes adhere to food safety measures and cater to customer satisfaction. With these tactics, you safeguard the distinctive freshness and taste of mangoes. Nowadays, quality control for mangoes as stakeholders focuses on revenue maximisation while minimising waste at the same time.

Common Mango Issues in Quality Management

Given below are the common mango defects that impact mango quality across the supply chain:

  1. Pests like fruit flies and hoppers
  2. Mango mealybugs
  3. Powdery mildew
  4. Mango Malformation Disease (MMD)
  5. Mango scab
  6. Bacterial black spot
  7. Internal necrosis

What are the Quality Assessment Attributes for Mangoes?

Quality control for mangoes encompasses multiple internal and external attributes, as listed below:

  1. Internal colour
  2. Firmness
  3. Shape and size
  4. Brix degree (sugar content)

What’s the Significance of Quality Control in Mango Processing?

There are multiple elements that justify the quality control approach in mango processing. Let’s have a look:

  • Food Safety: By undertaking strong quality control measures, you ensure the mangoes are free of all kinds of contaminants and comply with food safety regulations. Also, processed mangoes have a unique flavour that addresses the preferences of customers.
  • Enhanced Product Quality: When you implement quality control measures in mango processing, you can be assured that the mangoes will meet the desired quality standards. These mangoes will have a unique flavour and taste. Hence, customers can expect a delightful taste, whether it’s mango beverages or canned mango slices.
  • Minimises Wastage: With quality control measures, you can identify the inconsistencies in the mango processing stage. If you address these problems quickly, you can hope for optimum yield from each batch. It promotes sustainable practices and reduces economic losses.
  • Increased Customer Satisfaction: Processed mangoes are of good quality and lead to higher customer satisfaction. By delivering top-notch mango products, your mango processing plant will gain reputation, and it will help to fortify your brand.

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