Cashew is a widely used nut that can be eaten on its own or used as an ingredient for making other food products. As such, it requires careful processing to maintain its freshness and quality and ensure it’s safe for consumption. So instead of peeling, sorting, cutting, or cooking the traditional way, consider getting the right cashew processing machinery for every task. It will increase your food safety practices and guarantee better product outcomes.

What is it?

A cashew processing machine processes the nuts from their raw state and handles all other tasks like peeling and roasting. Depending on your manufacturing needs, it can be configured to suit small production runs or modified with automated systems to optimise large-scale processing. No matter what you use, the machine should maintain the quality of the nuts and prevent damaging the end product.

What does it do?

Cashew processing machinery lets you do all the necessary steps to process this food product:

⦁ Boiling: Steaming raw cashews under pressure will soften their shell. It also loosens the cashews, so they are easier to peel.
⦁ Cutting: The machine splits each shell longitudinally, so you can take out the nut by hand.
⦁ Drying: Cashew skins are dried under low heat in an oven for a few hours to loosen them.
⦁ Humidification: A humidifier conditions the kernels from 4% to 5% so the skin comes off easily.
⦁ Peeling: The machine removes the skin of every nut. At this stage, you can visually grade the cashew to determine quality.
⦁ Grading: The machine individually grades each kernel according to count per pound.
⦁ Cooking: Cashew processing machines can also cook up to 1000 Kg of raw cashew by batch.

Get the best equipment for your cashew processing line.

We at GEM have extensive experience in manufacturing cutting-edge cashew processing machinery. Our products are cost-effective, easy to use, and low-maintenance for more convenience to your production line. Rest assured, our machines are rigorously checked and guaranteed for optimal performance. Send an enquiry to learn more!

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