Tomato Processing Machinery
Tomato Processing Machinery
Tomato Processing Machinery
Tomato Processing Machinery
Tomato Processing Machinery
Tomato Processing Machinery

Tomato Processing Plant

At GEM, we delineate, produce, and export high-quality tomato processing plant to meet the needs of the global tomato product manufacturing industry. Our tomato processing machines are suitable to produce derivative products including tomato concentrate, tomato paste, and tomato ketchup. We create robust machines that provide optimal functionality and require very low maintenance. Our range of tomato processing machinery is utilised by various prominent food processing companies.

Our tomato processing machinery are divided into several key sections which are segregated for tomato reception, processing, extraction of juice, evaporation, and packaging. Each of these sections and their sub-components performs designated actions to produce the desired tomato products. Our processing plants are highly sophisticated machines for creating tomato products.

Components of our tomato processing plant

Our tomato processing plant has a reception system with –
  • * Tomato feed conveyor
  • * Washer system
  • * Sorting table for tomato

Tomato processing and juice extraction setup contains –

  • * Receiving tank
  • * Tomato finisher
  • * Transfer pump
  • * Pulp preheater
  • * Balance bank

Our tomato processing plant evaporator contains –

  • * Flow control setting
  • * Feed pump
  • * Vapour separator
  • * Concentrate and condensate pumps
  • * Vacuum pump
  • * Vapour ducts
  • * Steam supply
  • * Control panel
  • * Seal water tank

The packing section of our tomato processing plant includes –

  • * Glass packaging system
  • * Can packaging system

Characteristics and features of our tomato processing plants include –

  • * Custom and standardised design
  • * Robust infrastructure
  • * Long service life

Businesses who are seeking high-quality tomato processing equipment can get in touch with our experts. We can give you cost-friendly quotes.