Quality Chilli Processing Machinery in India.
Quality Chilli Processing Machinery in India.

Chilli Processing Plant

Chilli Processing Plant Machinery

GEM Allied Industries Pvt Ltd has been delivering a high-quality chilli processing plant. Using this tool, you can process the whole dry chilli without any hassles. Our tools are fully automatic. You just need to feed the chilli in the hopper, sit back, and relax; the rest will be done by our devices.

Our chilli processing plant machinery helps in stem cutting, crushing, milling, sterilising, oil mixing, and sieving. The process starts with destoning and leaf removal. After removing the contaminants, the chillies are cleaned thoroughly. Once these steps are completed, our chilli processing plant will start working.


How our Chilli Processing Plant can Help you

Stem Cutting

Our chilli processing plant possesses rollers and blades. It helps in removing the stem of the chillies. The chillies are fed into the rollers. Which have multiple holes at the surface’ so the stems can get stuck into these holes. The rollers have clutters to keep the cutting stems aside while the rollers will rotate.

When the chilli is ready for the next step, it is passed to the crusher.


Our crusher has two rotary blades that keep rotating in two opposite directions. The chillies are kept between the blades and cut into small pieces.


Our chilli processing plant equipment has a Pin Mill that can convert the average size materials into fine powder. Our devices deploy air cooling methods to maintain the balance of the ultimate product. The substance that you need to grind is fed into the space between two rotating disks. The grinding motion of these disks turns the substances into powder.


Our sterliser has a few layers of conveyor belts. The product is made by passing through the UV rays to make sure that the product is not contaminated with bacteria.

Oil Mixing

This is an optional step; some manufacturers mix oil with the chilli powder for bringing a special flavour. Our device has a mixer feature that can blend the oil with the powder properly.


To ensure that there are no lumps in the powder. A Siever is used. It is employed for sifting the converted powder.

After going through all steps mentioned above, the manufacturers pull the powder from the Siever with the help of a vacuum conveyor. It reaches the powder to the packing machines.

If you want to make your chillies stand apart, you need to make the processing world-class. With our chilli processing plant machinery, you can ensure the quality of your products.

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