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GEM provides you with an advanced solution for washing fruits, vegetables, and leafy greens. We have a wide range of washing systems and will meet all of your washing needs. Having experience in the field of manufacturing quality fruit and vegetable washer for many years now, we are here to cater to your requirements.

If you own a company in the food or pharmaceutical sector, put your faith in our offerings for smooth and large-scale operations. Starting from the unique multi-produced Polywash to the standard hydro-wash plume, GEM comes up with the best kind of washing system to process the food.

Components of the washer

GEM can get you the best batch of washing systems, with the following components:
  • * S.S Tank
  • * P.P/S.S Belt
  • * Gearbox and Motor
  • * Pump
  • * Blower
  • * Overflow drum
  • * Special nozzles for freshwater spray

Our products make washing easier for you

1. We design our fruit and vegetable washer in a way that does not damage the products but cleans off the germs and the bacteria effectively.

2. The flow of air or water is automated since different types of products need to be washed differently.

3. There is a floating debris removal system, but it is optional. If the kind of products demand to be washed thoroughly and there might remain the smallest of unwanted items, our floating debris removal system comes in handy.

4. The washers are completely free from chemical additives and the products get cleaned without any reduction in their nutritional values.

5. Our washers demand low maintenance and have high reliability. GEM’s wide variety of fruit and vegetable washer holds a great rank in today’s market. Get in touch with us fast to get one for yourself.