Mango pulp is a smooth substance manufactured by breaking up the fibrous sections of ripe mangoes. The mango pulp retains all the sweetness along with the nutrients in the fresh fruit. Mango pulp is made from ripe mangoes after sorting. A mango pulps processing line serves this purpose. This equipment simplifies the pulp extraction process.

What is Mango Pulp Processing?

Mango pulp processing creates various products like mango pulp, dried mango, and mango juice. Mango pulping is the most effective method for high nutrition retention, high yield, and a simple process. The mango pulp making machine executes the mango pulping process precisely.

Steps Involved in Mango Pulp Processing

Mango pulp processing involves the following steps:

  • Raw material treatment: In this method, a fruit sorting mechanism separates qualified, superior, and defective mangoes. When it comes to making mango pulp, the acid content must be around 1%.
  • Mango peeling: Before mango pulping, the removal of the peel is a must. The blend of mango core and peel will affect the taste of mango pulp.
  • Mango pulping: The mango pulping machine processes the mangoes into fluid form. This machine comes with an enclosed structure to combat mango pulp oxidation.
  • Mango pulp precook: The crude mango pulp requires heating to soften the content. It will also promote the taste of the mango pulp. However, before heating the mango pulp, make sure to clean the tools. When you pour the mango pulp into the bottle or container, stir it so that the pectin leaks out entirely.
  • Batching: Thereafter, the professionals add the mango pulp with a certain proportion of batches. The calculation of the amount of acid and fruit pectin is dependent on the raw materials. If the volume of pectin is low, it will increase the acid content.
  • Concentration: This step aims to eliminate the water content in mango pulp by heating the mango pulp. The objective of sweetening concentration is to improve the pulp flavour and texture.
  • Filling sterilisation and cooling: The concentrated mango pulp is filled into cans. While filling the container, make sure it is clean, sterilised, and free of moisture.

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