The main two tomato processed products are Tomato puree and tomato paste. These two primary tomato-processed products pave the way for all the secondary tomato-based products. The ketchup industry is the primary consumer of tomato puree and paste. Moreover, the food and beverage industry also comprises the other major consumers of tomato paste and puree. 

In this blog, we will examine how tomato paste is processed in a tomato processing plant.

Processing Varieties of Tomato in Tomato Paste

The foremost varieties of tomatoes preferred for paste are Abhinav and Namdari. These two make up 90% of the processing. However, there are other varieties like Rashmi, Vaishali, and Rupali. The southern varieties are usually preferred for processing purposes.

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The Method of Processing Tomato Paste

The best assortment of tomatoes is picked for the processing method. To this end, the ripened tomatoes are collected in a factory and rigorous quality control is conducted. The fruits are sorted, and the injured or spoiled fruits are separated from the fresh bunch. The fresh fruits are then collected and filled in crates. The process begins with washing tomatoes with chlorinated water at 5-10 ppm. Afterwards, they wash with plain water to minutely remove dust particles. 

The tomatoes are crushed into pulp and collected in a storage tank in the next stage. Heat is applied at 85-95 degrees Celcius to the puree as it is further refined to remove seed/tomato waste. The product is made to pass through an evaporator to purge the water content. However, there might be a small remainder of impurities in the paste. Hence, the paste is then passed through a strainer and metal detector to purge any impurities further. The final product is collected in an aseptic bag and stored in drums in the warehouse. 

Thanks to globalization, the demand for ready-made foods is increasing by leaps and bounds. This surge of demand is also reflected in tomato-processed products. We can safely assume a tomato processing plant will garner attractive revenues in the coming years. So to gear up with quality tomato processing machineries, don’t hesitate to reach out to the Gem Drytech System LLP.