Mango processing plant machinery
Mango processing plant machinery

Mango Processing Plant Machinery

GEM manufactures mango processing plant machinery suitable for the production of mango-derived products including mango juice, mango pulp, and concentrated mango puree. We can produce standardized or custom mango processing machinery based on your production needs. Our mango processing plant setups are efficient machines for fast and reliable mango-based products manufacturing.

Our mango processing plant machineries come with different sections for the purposes of mango reception, extraction, juice creation, and syrup preparation. While the reception section helps in washing, cleaning and removing defective mangoes, the processing apparatus aids in juice extraction, mango parts segregation and pulp production. The pulp is further sweetened in the syrup section.

Components of our mango processing plant machinery

Mango processing plant machinery reception system contains –
  • * Raw material feed conveyor
  • * Mango washer
  • * Mango sorting table
Juice extraction and processing system has –
  • * Receiver tank
  • * Destoner
  • * Transfer Pump
  • * Pulper
  • * Preheater
  • * Storage tank
Syrup section of our mango processing plant contains –
  • * Inline filter
  • * Dissolving tank
  • * Sugar transfer pump
  • * Blend tank
  • * Pulp pasteurizer
  • * Screw pump
  • * Balance tank
  • * Buffer tank
  • * Transfer tank
Features and characteristics of our mango processing plants include –
  • * Standard or custom design available
  • * Industry-grade stainless steel construction
  • * Long service life and high performance
  • * Semi-automatic and automatic grade options available

If you are looking for highly-efficient mango processing plants, we can give a friendly quote for your specific requirements.