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Amla Processing Plant

GEM manufactures and exports cutting-edge amla processing plant machinery for its worldwide base of clients. We are large-scale providers of semi-automatic, automatic and manual operation machines for the production of amla-based products. Our advanced processing machine design and manufacturing techniques are geared towards facilitating flawless amla processing operations.

Our amla processing plant machines are continually utilised by a large number of food processing companies who specialise in amla derivative products. The fundamental applications of our amla plants include segregating amla or Indian gooseberry from its leaves and roots, raw amla sorting, cleaning, peeling, chopping and soaking. Our machines enable efficient drying, prior to the extraction of amla oils.

Our state-of-the-art amla processing plant has several key components including –

  • * Conveyor for amla sorting
  • * Amla washing setup
  • * Amla blanching setup
  • * Amla pulping machine
  • * Filtration setup
  • * Amla storage tank
  • * Amla mixing cooker
  • * Filling and packaging setup

Key features and properties of our amla processing plant are –

  • * Durable construction
  • * Long service life
  • * Capacity 500 kg/hr and above
  • * Automatic, manual and semi-automatic

We can solve all your needs for industry-grade amla processing machinery with our solutions. Our revolutionary food processing technology can enhance your production outputs fast. We can provide affordable quotes for your needs.