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De-Stoner, Pulper and Finisher

Gemprosys is a stalwart manufacturer of pulpers, finishers and de-stoners. We are a pro in erecting premium machines that are heavily used in the fruit jam making and other related product industries. As a high-ranking industrial pulper and de-stoner maker, we bring forth highly useful pieces of machinery in the food industry. Our solutions facilitate almost perfect results to give you the best satisfaction.

Crush these fruits with our pulpers
  • * Mangoes
  • * Guavas
  • * Peaches
  • * Tomatoes
  • * Bananas

Gemprosys’ pulper and finisher help you in a large-scale production

Our machine is suitable for extracting the pulp and juice from the fruits. The pulper and the finisher are kept one above the other. At first, the pulper is provided with the right type of perforated screen according to the fruit that is to be used. We manufacture our pulper and finisher with an easily removable screen and without any vibration.

Capacity range: 500 kgs/hr to 4000 kgs/hr.

Gemprosys’ de-stoner makes your production convenient in so many ways

Used for extracting pulp from the mango, our de-stoner has a suitable perforated screen assembly. There is a crushing zone where the fruits with seeds or stones like mangoes, cherries, peaches, etc., open up automatically, and the pulp gets separated. The machine has an easily removable screen and no vibration.

Capacity range: 2000 kgs/hr to 4000 kgs/hr.

We have gained a reputation in the market for our pulper, finisher and de-stoner. Contact us to know more about what we can offer.