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Filling & Packaging Plant

At GEM, we specialise in the design, manufacturing, and export of purpose-specific filling and packaging plant machinery. We are suppliers of major machinery variations including juice filling machine, bulk pack filler, pulp filling machine and jam filling machine. Our contemporary designs and sturdy machinery assemblies are built to deliver proficient packaging performance for your food processing applications.

Our line of filling and packaging plant machines can be used for a great variety of food and consumer goods packaging use cases. We craft superior quality packaging and filling setups with versatile functions. Our expertise and technical know-how help us deliver unmatched performance, without additional maintenance hassles. Filling and packaging plant machines manufactured by us are utilised by numerous processing industry organisations globally.


Our featured filling and packaging plant machine setups include –

Bulk pack filler
  • * Suitable for an extensive range of bulk packing applications
  • * Custom-designs can be supplied to meet client specified requirements
Juice filling machine
  • * Utilised for container washing, product filling, and package capping
  • * Consists of rinser, product filler, and capping section
  • * Speed of operations can be changed via frequency controls
Pulp filling machine
  • * Automatic, manual and semi-automatic operations
  • * Rotary pump setup ensures specific quantity filling
  • * Stainless steel construction and variable filling capacities
Jam filling machine
  • * Rotary pump fillers for a wide variety or pulp filling applications
  • * Filling heads range from 100 – 5000 ml
  • * Filling capacity can be varied

We design and supply packaging machines encompassing a great range of food processing applications. Business owners who require cost-friendly quotes for cutting-edge machinery can rely on us.