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Deaeration System

GEM creates and exports advanced high-performance deaeration systems suitable for the air removal requirements of food processing businesses. Our deaeration system ensures fast and effective removal of sealed air from food products. The skill and innovation of our design engineers and high-grade mechanical parts ensure the best results for our clients’ drying applications

Our system ensures effective removal of air from food packaging to prevent oxidation and preserve quality for long time periods. With our modern deaeration technology, we guarantee optimum results in terms of food aroma, quality and freshness preservation. Our vacuum pump deaeration systems are available at highly reasonable rates across the globe.

Fundamental features and specifications of our deaeration system include –

  • * High precision removal of Oxygen and CO2
  • * Effective aroma preservation of food products
  • * Deaeration vessel capacity ranging from 500 Iitres per hr up to 10000 Iitres per hr
  • * Pre-heat boiler water system

Key components of our industrial deaeration systems are –

  • * Aroma condenser, vacuum gauge, manual vacuum break, and liquid ring vacuum pump
  • * Cleaning head for CIP dispersal
  • * Sight glasses for inspection
  • * Vacuum pump system for system vacuum preservation
  • * Deaerator drainage and product pump feed valves
  • * Vacuum control pressure sensor
  • * Access cover for maintenance activities
  • * Automatic valves
  • * Vibratory level indicator

Our vacuum-powered air removal mechanism aids the day to day operations of numerous food industry organizations in India and abroad. We can deliver sophisticated machines that exceed your key expectations.

Industrial business owners who are seeking reliable deaeration solutions can depend on our manufacturing solutions.