grain processing plant machinery
grain processing plant machinery

Grain Processing Plant Machinery

GEM is an experienced and reliable manufacturer and exporter of cost-effectivegrain processing plant machinery. We understand the importance of healthy food, and this is the reason we strive to provide only high-quality equipment. Our manufactured devices can make food processing more efficient, faster, and easier. Grain is one of the essential staples without which every kitchen is incomplete. Grain provider companies are always running under the pressure of meeting a huge demand across the globe. If you are one of these businesses, your first-rate grain processing plant machinery equipment can help you.

Grain processing is essential for enhancing the digestibility of its starch. This process is able to improve the digestibility by 8 to 15%. It boosts digestion through the gut and escalates caloric intake, improves productivity, and lowers production costs. Grain processing is used for reducing manure production through a lower intake of feed dry matter. Generally, grain processing is defined as “wet” or “dry”. The entire process must be done perfectly. Considering this fact, GEM Allied delineates grain processing plant machinery.


We have aligned the objectives of our products with that of grain processing to help the food providers to:

  • Increase the nutritive value of a particular grain
  • Break open the grain coating to let the starch directly get exposed to the digestive system
  • Enhance the digestibility and caloric intake of grain starch
  • Boost the performance of cattle
  • Deliver a good quality feed product
  • Reduce wastes


Our grain processing tools are based on the following principles:

  • Compression
  • Impact
  • Attrition
  • Shear

Our team blends a combination of these principles for delivering top-notch processing tools. It ensures the tools’ suitability for certain situations.


Roles Performed by our Products:

Dry Rolling

Dry rolling is an energy-efficient method than grinding. However, this energy efficiency depends on the speeds of the operation and the size of the large particle sizes. Our roller mills are comparatively more energy efficient for delivering a product having large particle sizes. It resembles the hammer mills when the target particle size is at least 600 microns or below.


We provide a robust hammermill for grinding. We have a wide number of grinding chamber designs, such as half circle, full circle, split-screen, or a teardrop. Our hammermills are intended to generate more spherical particles in comparison to roller millers.


Grain tempering needs water and it needs time to soften the grain. It makes the bran outer layers more flexible and more readily segregated from the endosperm at the time of rolling. Our equipment has an open spiral mixing auger that can mix the grain from the unloading storage silos.

 Steam Flaking

Steam flaking utilises moisture, heat, and pressure to polish the starch granules. The level of rupture relies on some facts, such as steaming time, temperature, grain moisture, the distance between the rollers, processing rate, type, and variety of grain.

Our Efficient Team

We take pride in our versatile team of design engineers who are experts at producing cost-efficient machinery to reduce the production times and food processing challenges. The only aim of our team is to make grain processing easier for you.

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