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Stainless Steel Tank and Vessel

GEM is a leading maker and exporter of highly-durable stainless steel tanks and vessels suitable for a large number of food processing and pharmaceutical applications. Our extensive range of SS tanks and vessels include pharmaceutical mixing tanks, steam jacketed kettles, stainless steel pressure vessels, chemical pressure vessels, and pharma tanks. Our stainless steel offerings are built to deliver reliable performance continually.

We choose the choicest industry-grade stainless steel for the construction of our vessels and tanks. Our products are compliant to most major international quality standards and can fit into your processing applications seamlessly. We guarantee high tensile strength and durability of our stainless steel container product ranges.

The key features and specifications of our stainless steel vessel and tank options include –

Pharmaceutical tanks
  • * Either horizontal or vertical setup available
  • * Storage capacity ranges from 2000 to 10000 litres
  • * Highly durable construction and compliant to international norms
Chemical pressure vessels
  • * High resistance to temperature and insulated construction
  • * Contains level/pressure indicator
  • * Can withstand up to 10 bar of pressure
Stainless steel pressure vessels
  • * Insulated vessel with a durable build
  • * Level/pressure indicator
  • * Can withstand up to 10 bar pressure
Steam jacketed kettles
  • * Used for food industry applications of juice and pulp heating
  • * Fixed or tilting type kettles available
  • * Fixed kettle with stirrers
  • * Capacity ranges from 100 – 1000 litres

If you are a business owner seeking comprehensive stainless steel tank and vessel solutions, we have got you covered. Get a quote from us today.