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Pasteurization System

GEM is a renowned manufacturer of sophisticated pasteurization systems for food processing industry businesses. Our state-of-the-art pasteurization machinery complies to safety and regulatory standards to ensure optimal dairy product hygiene. We provide several varieties of systems based on the requirements of our clients. Our pasteurization machines will revolutionize your operations and speed up processing dynamically. You can choose systems with varying capacity levels depending on your desired pasteurization volumes.

We provide several types of industry-grade pasteurizers including plain shell, scraped surface, corrugated tube type, and plate heat exchanger. Our machines offer remarkable performance for the production of popular dairy products including toned milk, full cream milk, skimmed milk, flavoured milk, and other widely-consumed milk products. We are diligent regarding using the highest quality of parts and components for manufacturing our systems.

Key components of our pasteurization systems include –

  • * balance tank
  • * steam and water mixer
  • * hot water pump
  • * plate heat exchanger
  • * water level controller
  • * steam adjustment valve
  • * temperature control system

Our pasteurization systems are relied upon by various prominent food processing companies in India and the world. We produce dependable systems which require less maintenance, offer high levels of performance and prolonged service life. Our professionals follow manufacturing processes with strict quality control measures to assure benchmark functionality. We provide comprehensive after-sales services for our food processing industry clients.

If you are seeking cost-friendly and reliable solutions for advanced technology pasteurization systems, we have got you covered. We can offer competitive price quotes based on your machinery requirements.