Pea Processing Machinery
Pea Processing Machinery
Vegetable Processing Machinery
Pea Processing Machinery
Pea Processing Machinery
Vegetable Processing Machinery

Frozen Fruits & Vegetables

GEM is a widely recognised manufacturer and exporter of high-end machinery for its worldwide base of food processing industry customers. Our innovative design professionals produce versatile machines which facilitate effortless processing of frozen vegetables and fruits. We specialise in the manufacture of specific tools and components for processing frozen fruits. Our stainless-steel machines are utilised for a great number of food processing applications.

Our advanced Individual Quick Freezer is relied upon endlessly and does not require high levels of maintenance effort. Each of our elevator and conveyor machines is crafted with high-grade metals and parts to ensure hassle-free operations. As an internationally certified manufacturer of food processing machinery, we guarantee flawless results continually.


Our range of machinery for frozen vegetables and fruit processing machines include –

  • * Pea podder
  • * Belt conveyor (collection)
  • * Vinnover
  • * Elevator (feeding modular type)
  • * Float washer
  • * Recovery drum
  • * Dewatering vibrator
  • * Belt conveyor (modular type)
  • * Vibrator for dewatering

We are relied upon for our commitment to manufacturing excellence. Our Individual Quick Freezer can generate optimal results for your day-to-day operations. We can cater to your needs for specific design variations with our comprehensive solutions.

Get in touch with our professionals for availing our Individual Quick Freezer equipment. We can offer you a custom price quote based on core requirements.