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Sterilizer, Retort & Exhauster

GEM is a maker of industry-grade sterilizer, retort and exhauster systems geared towards a vast range of precise food processing applications. We are distinguished processing equipment manufacturers with innovative and reliable product designs. Our sterilizers, exhaust boxes, and industrial retort equipment are preferred and utilized continually by numerous Indian and international organizations.

We are a leading manufacturer with years of experience and a constant drive for achieving engineering breakthroughs. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the quality of our specialised industrial equipment choices, including our range of retorts, exhausters, and sterilizers.

Major functions and characteristics of our industrial sterilizers include –

  • * Steam powered, hot water retaining or hot water spray sterilization setup
  • * Adjustable rotation rate with sterilizer magnetic control
  • * Durable construction with industry-grade metal
  • * PLC panel and display for automated usage
  • * Accessible construction for ease of use
  • * Ideal for preserving taste of food items

Key attributes and features of our industrial retorts are –

  • * Low maintenance and high-performance retorts
  • * Robust construction ensuring prolonged usage
  • * Long service life
  • * Superior processing of packaged food items
  • * Optimal temperature distribution

Our industrial exhauster machines features and usage include –

  • * Enabling efficient air removal prior to canning and bottling
  • * Accessible and easy to maintain infrastructure
  • * Ease of continuous operation

If you are a business owner looking for attractive price quotes for industry-best food processing equipment, get in touch with us.