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Hot Break System and Pre-Heater

Gemprosys is a major maker of hot break systems and pre-heaters. As a prominent and a leading heater manufacturer, we make sure that our versatile machines can perform a wide range of functions with efficiency and precision. We make hot break systems and pre-heaters that are sure to provide you with consistent and reliable functionality at all times.

Pre-heat fruits effectively with our specialised hot break systems

Our specialised hot break systems can be utilised for tomatoes, guavas and such other fruits.
The fruits are preheated in our systems before extracting the juice. The raw tomatoes and guavas are collected in the bottom tank after getting crushed in the mill. Our system has a heat exchanger, which then, preheats the fruits, and then, the product is discharged to the pulper for extracting the juice.

Capacity range: 2500 kgs/hr to 5000 kgs/hr.

The above-mentioned process is needed for the following:

1. Deactivate enzymes that will be generated.

2. Get maximised recovery and good colour.

3. Ensure better quality of the product.

High-performance pre-heaters


Gemprosys manufactures its pre-heaters in both tube and shell design and also in the screw type. According to your demand, we can place the single pass and the multi pass in both the tube and the shell design, depending on the capacity. In this, steam is used as the heating medium.

Capacity range: 500 kgs/hr to 3000 kgs/hr.

For details about the efficiency of our hot break systems and pre-heaters, approach us without further delay.