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Pomegranate Juice Processing Plant

GEM is a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge pomegranate juice processing plant machines for a vast number of global food processing clients. Our range of pomegranate juice processor machines and processing lines are utilised for the efficient production of derivative products. Featuring industry-grade durable stainless steel construction and high-quality parts, our machines provide peak performance continuously. Our pomegranate processing plant machinery requires little maintenance and can boost output capacity dynamically.

We are a prominent fruit and vegetable processing industry machine manufacturer with a growing list of Indian and international clients. Our ingenious design and engineering produce ideal results for the specific pomegranate processing needs of food businesses. We supply processing machines which comply with major international standards of quality.

The specifications and features of our pomegranate processing machines –

Pomegranate processing line
  • * Utilised for pomegranate washing, drying, packing, and juice extraction
  • * Uses also include pomegranate juice pasteurisation, clarification, and sterilisation
  • * Key components include a receiving plant, washer, deseeder, juice extractor, hydraulic and belt presses, sterilisation and pasteurisation sections
  • * Efficient processing actions and modern low maintenance design

Pomegranate juice processing plant

  • * Utilised primarily for the production and packaging of pomegranate juice
  • * Key functions include washing, sorting, deseeding, extraction, clarification, blending, sterilisation, homogenisation and pasteurisation
  • * Key components include jacketed mixing tank, sugar syrup tank, pulp storage tank, filter press, and automatic filling machine

Our pomegranate processing equipment can accelerate your operations, and lead to significant product quality improvements. If you are looking for efficient pomegranate juice processing machines, get in touch with us and request a quote.