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Pea Processing Machinery
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Green Peas Processing Line

Thriving on extensive experience, GEM manufactures state of the art green peas processing line. Our processing plants are low maintenance, easy to handle and cost-effective. The capacity of our plants ranges between 1000 kg/hour and 10000 kg/hour. We produce peas processing machines that go through rigorous quality checks and guarantee optimal performance for your peas processing applications.

The major components of our green peas processing equipment include:

  • Pea podder – The pea podder is designed specifically for de-podding the green peas.
  • Elevator – Helps in transferring the grains to the winnower
  • Washer – Thoroughly wash peas to remove all foreign matter and dirt
  • Flotation washer – The lightweight, good peas will float in the water whilst the stones will sink to the bottom in the floatation washer, helping in automatic separation.
  • Recovery drum – Separates the waste from pea grains
  • Conveyor – Green peas are moved from one place to the other without any manual aid
  • Blancher – Blanches the peas and increase their shelf life
  • Freezer – Preserves the green peas at a very low temperature to avoid the growth of microorganisms
  • Cooler – Cools or chills the greens peas so that they last longer

Our green peas processing machines comply with international standards. We can make and supply our plants as per your specific application requirement. Get in touch to request a custom quote.