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Mango Processing Machinery
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Dairy Processing Plant

Fruit Processing Plant Macinery– Pulp, Juice, Jam

At GEM, we are specialists in the making and exporting high-end fruit processing plant machinery for our vast range of global clients. Our processing plant equipment is utilised for the production of fruit pulp, jam, and juice products. We can engineer custom processing machines for your processing needs. Our manufactured equipment facilitates peak functionality and continual performance for prolonged time periods. We incorporate state-of-the-art infrastructure and high-quality components to ensure optimal results.

Our fruit processing plants contain several distinct sections including designated reception areas, juicing and processing sections, and sugar syrup processing sections. You can utilise the reception section for fruit selection, washing, and grading. Juice extraction and processing features enable juicing and pulp creation. The fruit pulp is then mixed with sugar syrup and other necessary ingredients.

Key parts of our fruit processing plant

Our juice processing plant reception system is made up of –
  • * Fruit feed conveyor
  • * Fruit washer
  • * Sorting table for fruits

The processing and juice extraction system contains –

  • * Destoner
  • * Transfer Pump
  • * Receiver tank
  • * Preheater
  • * Fruit pulper
  • * Pulp storage tank

Our juice processing plant includes –

  • * Blend tank
  • * Sugar transfer pump
  • * Inline filter
  • * Pasteurizer for pulp
  • * Buffer tank
  • * Dissolving tank
  • * Screw pump
  • * Balance tank
  • * Transfer tank
  • * Sugar transfer pump

Major features and functionality of our fruit processing plants include –

  • * Custom and standard designs
  • * High performance and benchmark ease of use
  • * Long service life and hassle-free operation
  • * Sturdy construction for peak durability

Food processing business owners seeking processing equipment can get in touch with us. We can provide friendly quotes for your requirements.